This is a multi-purpose non-dairy creamer that helps those with dairy sensitivities and dairy allergies. It is a powdered blend of MCT Oil and Marine Collagen.

It is also for people following keto, paleo, and low carbohydrate lifestyles.

The MCT oil powder is kosher certified. The Marine collagen is kosher and halal certified.

- To stop feeling tired (brain fog), getting skin irritation, or upsetting your stomach (bloating, gassy) after you eat dairy.

- You want to get off dairy but don't know how.

- You really want take the 'bite' out of black coffee with the added benefits of protein and energy to make your day better.

- You want something to make your soups, tea, oatmeal, sauces, curries, or smoothies creamier without using dairy.

- You want an alternative to soy milk, almond milk, and dairy.

Our creamer is unsweetened with a mild flavour that takes the bitterness out of black coffee. The flavour is mild enough that it will not significantly alter the flavours of other foods and beverages.

It is smooth and creamy like half and half cream (10%-12% Milk Fat).

For beverages like coffee and tea, put two scoops of the powder in the cup first. Then pour the coffee (carafe or Keurig) or hot water in the cup.

For soups, sauces, curries, smoothies it's best to add during the mixing process.

Anything your heart desires!

Put it in coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, tea, oatmeal, smoothies, curries, soups, sauces, and many more! It can go in most recipes as a substitute for dairy.

Jeremy, one of the co-founders, has spooned it into his mouth directly but suggests you don't try that, ha!

After opening it's best to use the product within 3-6 months. You don't need to put it in the fridge but we recommend that you store it in a cool dry spot like a cupboard or pantry.

We have carefully designed the formula so that each bag holds 30 servings. If you have one serving a day then the bag will last you 30 days.

MCT Oil provides fast energy that can help you with feeling fuller longer, helping your brain think, and giving your muscles energy. Want to know more? or Buy Here

As a protein, marine collagen can help repair and maintain muscles, skin, hair, and nails. Want to know more? or Buy Here


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Depends on which shipping method you select and where you live; but usually between 5-14 business days.

Your creamer will be sent in a lovely, 100% recyclable, white box.

Returns and exchanges

Due to COVID and this being a food product we do not accept any returns.

We review all orders on a case by case basis. Please contact us to talk to us about your experience at info@sununderthesea.com. Please put your order number in the subject line and we'll be happy to talk to you.