What's in this? Part 2

What's in this? Part 2

Don’t sweat the small stuff?

How many times have you been told to look at the big picture? 

In our fast-paced lifestyle, we look for quick meal fixes to get us through the next couple of hours. I am as guilty as the next person that wants ‘something good for me,’ and I want it in my body ASAP.

Convenient pre-packaged items are not new. The first pre-made cereal originated roughly 160 years ago in 1863! Granula was invented by James Caleb Jackson, shortly after John Harvey Kellogg created a similar product and called it, Granola. 

We created our dairy-free creamer to give you a dairy alternative, and make it from the cleanest ingredients. We want to give you a dairy-free product that can be used as part of your day. And how do we prove that our product is the cleanest? By showing you the ingredients we don’t use in our product - that many others do. 

Not all foods are created equal, and we believe it is essential to share what we’ve learned to help you make your own informed decisions. Education regarding food - namely pre-packaged foods your ingesting - is critical for your health. 

Today we look at a common ingredient found in a lot of pre-packaged food products and in other non-dairy alternatives. 

Mono-and Diglycerides

Mono-and Diglycerides are trans fats. They are mostly derived from refined vegetable oils (seed oils) or from rendered animal fats. While it is true they do exist naturally in trace amounts in olive oil, for the most part they are manufactured and added to many foods.

They are trans fats and purposefully added to products. You can find them in nut butters, shortening, margarine, bread, ice cream, candy, coffee creamers (not ours), mayonnaise, and many more! 

Why do they add it? 

These trans fats are added to products to help oil and water mixtures stay consistent, creamy, and extend shelf-life.  It is a compound used in the food industry to make products more palatable. It is added to to improve the way the food feels in your mouth, to enhance flavour, and many other applications. 

Is it safe?

The FDA, CFIA, and WHO have all deemed it a safe food additive. Each governing body has its own suggestions on daily recommended limits. There is research that supports that it is safe and it has been in use for decades.

Why don’t we use it?

We at Sun Under the Sea are proud to say that we DO NOT use Mono-and Diglycerides in our non-dairy creamer. We choose to provide you and your loved ones a creamer that limits exposure to chemicals like this.

Mono-and Diglycerides are regarded as safe, but the fewer refined trans fats running through your system the better

Pre-packaged food doesn’t have to have chemicals like Mono-and Diglycerides, and we’re out here to change the game. Our non-dairy creamer quickly gives you protein and good fats the clean way. 

Keep an eye out for what’s next in our blog series: Maltodextrin