"Work is love made visible" - Kahlil Gibran

To create and enable purposeful moments of mindfulness; through our products and culture.

At Sun Under the Sea we work to help nourish people’s bodies and mind.

We seek to create a culture where people return to a state of mindfulness and purpose in their lives.

How We Got Here
Over a Coffee

Sun Under the Sea blossomed from a conversation over coffee among the co-founders when we discovered that we each loved our coffee rituals, but wanted something that reflected, not only our tastes, but our values.

Alex's Journey

As a driven community-minded working mom, Alex values the quiet moments of reflection she has in the morning, drinking her coffee and tea. Even as a child, her favorite flavors were coffee and matcha (green tea) ice cream. As she grew up, Alex began adding lots cream and milk in her coffee to recapture the feeling she had of eating ice cream as a kid. Unfortunately, Alex suffers from eczema, and dairy products are a known trigger for her inflammations.

FInding an alternative to dairy became tricky as she developed a sensitivity to soy as well. Fortunately, dairy alternatives came on to the market, but nothing was really working, and she was not able to find what she needed at coffee shops in her area. Alex became frustrated at having to carry around her own mix to get her coffee just right. Luckily, Alex found two other like-minded friends who are as concerned about health and wellness as she is, and the importance of slowing down to enjoy the best aspects of life.

Jeremy's Journey

Driven to succeed in most areas of life Jeremy's journey in nutrition started as a student athlete in university. He entered freshman year at 185 lbs, graduated at 265 lbs, and years later returned to 185 pounds. Jeremy learned a thing or two about bio-hacking and nutrition. Most important he learned about his dairy sensitivity and ability to metabolize fats well.

As an accounting professional, Jeremy, quickly climbed the corporate ladder and earned a CFO position he set out to achieve and drank a LOT of coffee along the journey.

Jeremy tried dairy alternatives but they provided little functional nutrition and most times have undesirable additives. Additionally, Jeremy discovered the immense amount of benefit of meditation and being more mindful. Jeremy is just beginning his journey of living a purpose led life.

Matt's Journey

Matthew grew up playing in the ocean, interacting with it’s marine life and developing a life long love/respect for its immense power. Matt spent his time playing soccer, snowboarding, surfing, snorkelling and traveling. He realized that maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling and entering the workforce as a business professional takes a delicate balance that must be situationally readjusted.

Matt has always been health conscious but as got older he realized the importance of having a health regime that is sustainable and has longevity. Upon entering the workforce, he found himself in many coffee or lunch meetings, where his preferred diet options were not always available. This work environment, combined with growing up in a household with multiple food allergies and dairy intolerance while observing its negative health effects on his family, lead to Matt wanting not only a dairy alternative but something that is nutritionally beneficial.  

Over a coffee, Alex, Jeremy and Matt, discussed the importance of taking the time to reflect and to be mindful in the moment. This combination of focusing on the health of the body and mind while active business professionals, drove us to create a solution to kick start each and every day conscious of our mental and physical wellbeing.