Mindfully Connected

All entities on this planet are connected by air and water. Just as you want to eat clean so too does everything else.

At Sun Under the Sea we are dedicated to supporting efforts to help protect our precious planet. Our efforts are for you, our beautiful fellow humans, and for our wonderful plants and animal friends. 

Founded and living in Canada’s Ocean Playground we are very connected to the ocean and believe in protecting it.

Sun Under the Sea donates to Oceana and we encourage our customers to do the same at www.oceana.ca

From their website:

Oceana, Inc., founded in 2001, is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation. The Oceana family includes organizations in Brazil, Belize, Chile, the European Union, Peru, the Philippines and the United States. Oceana organizations work in their home regions to educate the public about ocean conservation issues and to raise the profile of ocean conservation with decision-makers.

As the saying goes "leave no trace" and our promise is to continually look at all facets of our company to lower our environmental impact. 

After all, we're all in this together! 


All of our product bags are compostable. 

All materials used are derived from natural sources (corn and wood pulp) and are free of any GMOs, allergens, and microplastics.

After being discarded, the bags will decompose within 8-10 months. 

The production process and raw materials used create a unique mosaic pattern for each bag. No two bags are alike; each one is unique and perfect, just like you!!


As a purpose lead company, Sun Under the Sea believes in empowering you, our customer, to Slow Down. Be More. through our products and culture. We are consciously selective, and only work with others who are aligned with our values. We are extremely proud to work with DASC Industries as our co-packing producer. DASC is a nonprofit Social Enterprise, “Supporting the Being, Belonging and Becoming of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.” DASC is an instrumental partner in not only providing the highest quality products to you but in the lives of individuals in which they serve. As a customer of Sun Under the Sea, you are directly empowering these individuals and DASC and contributing to their mission.

From their website:

More than quality programs for adults with an intellectual disability, the Dartmouth Adult Services Centre (DASC) gives individuals the support they need to realize their true potential and become active members of their community. Through a variety of Businesses including Packaging and Assembly, promotional button making, boardroom rentals, mailing and food packaging, vocational day programs and community employment programs, DASC ensures that each client can find personal fulfillment.